Alyssin Wunderlund

Bio: So, me. Alyssin Wunderlund is a pen name if you haven’t already figured it out. I’m just a girl who is a daughter (If both parents have passed… am I still a daughter? I guess that would make it past tense as in I was a daughter, now I am an orphan?) an ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend, a mother to a wonderful son, a sister, a friend, a confidante, a muse… I can go on. I have my view on things and while I appreciate and will listen to others views… do not try to tell me mine are wrong. That will get you in hot water with me. I welcome comments that are respectful. My views are mine and if others share them, so be it. I try to keep in mind that everyone was someones precious baby once… no matter how they turned out. So on that note… check out what mess I've gotten into (or out of) now! 😉

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